02 May 2017

The Planetary Society and Luminous Travels - The Journey of LightSail-A

Through a friend in CSB (thank you Liz) The Planetary Society (Yes, THE Planetary Society) became aware of my piece Luminous Travels - the Journey of LightSail-A. A member of the LightSail team will be speaking about the project at our Spring Concert. 

The Planetary Society is also providing images for us to use on our slides while the piece is being performed.I am so pleased that this piece is recognized by this organization. It's especially special for me since one of the founders was Carl Sagan, my son's namesake. The CEO is now Bill Nye!

The Cupertino Symphonic Band Spring Concert is May, 21 3pm at Prospect High School. Our very own Scott Yokim will be the trombone soloist.I've also been contacted by Planetary Radio. More about that later :).



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